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Summer Dress


One of the many things to look forward to about summer. A lovely ode to the summer dress…

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


I see you

in a summer dress.

Thin straps on elegant shoulders. Your breasts captured sweetly. The curve of your hips caressed. Your arms and legs beautifully bare.

The hem high on your thighs.

Your hair is caught and stroked by the soft, warm breeze. Your skin is kissed by the friendly sun.

Your gorgeous eyes are shining.

Your smile is heavenly.

Yet you are shy

as the dress falls

like a cotton sea

at your feet.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

 Photo stolen from manequeen

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Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

11 thoughts on “Summer Dress

  1. Makes the bugs and the mold worth it, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re just part of the party 🙂


      • Lemme guess… You live somewhere dry?


      • I live in a moderate climate. Not dry like Arizona, but I’m not in a swamp, either. We get a good amount of bugs in the summer. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a nuisance — but I’ve come to accept that they’re part of summer time.


      • Perhaps, like St. Paul, I’m “kicking against the pricks”, but I am so sick of them… Of course, I live in the woods. And the mold… You get much mold in the summer?


      • Not much mold, no. But then, I don’t live in the woods. Does living there affect your writing? I would imagine that it woud…


      • It does. I started writing more about rural settings – that’s the obvious way it’s affected me. But I think it’s affected me on a deeper level, too. I’m not really sure how to put words to it, though. The tone of my writing has definitely changed.

        How does place affect your writing?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think place affects me after I’m in it. Often, I look to my memories of places I’ve visited to come up with settings for my writing. Could’ve been another city or climate (like the woods) or even a building that evoked a mood. But I’ve found that where I live doesn’t really affect my writing that much — at least I don’t think it does.


      • Memory is powerful. I can see why places you’ve been might inspire you more than places you are!

        Liked by 1 person

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