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Crossing the Bridge of Love


During a break in writing, I went through my archives and found a couple of very short stories that I’m going to post today and tomorrow. It’s in the hopes of entertaining you … and I’m building up to the weekend, when I’m offering a lot of my e-books on Amazon for free. Yep, free. It’s a way to celebrate August, the month I love so much that I chose it for my pen name. And it’s nice to spread some free stories 🙂

Smurf on bridge, by Jean-François CAUCHE (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Jean-François CAUCHE (Flickr, Creative Commons)

The Smurf smiled at the couples on the “Locks of Love” bridge as he crossed it over the Seine.

All of these couples hugged and kissed and took photos, as they snapped their locks shut on the bridge, and they tossed the keys into the river below. It was all very romantic, and he enjoyed their celebrations of their love.

His time would come. He knew it in his bones. For a while, he thought Smurfette was going to be the one. But she had eyes for someone else. Or, rather, someone elses — as she never could seem to make up her mind. Blame it on the curse of being the only female Smurf, that she had her pick of the litter. Or it was a blessing, depending on your perspective.

Coming to this realization about Smurfette caused the Smurf leave their village and travel the countryside until he came to a train station. It was effortless to sneak on the train without a ticket — nobody could see him. And it was easy to find food, as bits of food fell here and there, and he had plenty of crumbs to choose from.

Like Smurfette had with men.

This being his first time out of the village, the Smurf didn’t know where to go. But after over-hearing lots of conversations, Paris stood out among all of the possible destinations.
The City of Love. There simply was no better place for a Smurf looking for love to go.
So he hopped from train to train until he arrived in the enormous, bustling city. And romance was immediately detectable on the air. It wafted from people walking hand in hand. It emanated from couples sitting at sidewalk cafes and looking into each others’ eyes. It snapped shut on the locks at the bridge.

The Smurf smiled. Here, in the streets of Paris, he would find love.


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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  1. Good luck little Smurf!

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  2. Yippee!!!!

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