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Eric Keys


Yesterday, someone found my blog with the search phrase “where can i buy eric keys writing,” since I posted about his short stories last year. That made me wonder what Eric is up to, as I hadn’t read a new post from him in a while. I had guessed he took a long break from blogging — something I’m guilty of, since I did it for six months to focus more on my day job and my writing. But I discovered that his blog, Blood Glory Grace, is no longer available.

That led me to check out Amazon and Smashwords to see if Eric’s stories are still on those sites. But they’re not.

I remember Eric had an older blog that he shut down, then he started a new blog after an extended break. Now he’s closed up shop again.

I can imagine the decision to remove his stories and close his blog was a difficult one. It takes a lot of time and energy to craft stories, and then it takes a courageous leap to put your writing in public, for others to judge. Eric had fans, as shown by the comments on his blog and the reviews for his books on Smashwords and Amazon.

Eric’s stories were under dark erotica, and they were a combination of horror and sex. They didn’t pull punches in confronting the reader in bold images of these. But they weren’t simply a shock-fest; they had greater depth than that. They had something to say about religion and relationships and family and tolerance.

I’m sad to see that Eric pulled out his e-books for others to experience. And I hope he’s still writing stories. Writers tell stories to get them from our head to the page (or screen). We’re our first audience. I hope he’s writing for himself and finding a creative outlet for his vivid imagination.


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8 thoughts on “Eric Keys

  1. Just to say Hello, AM. Reading something from you after pretty long…..

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  2. I think of Eric, Gus. I wonder if he’s okay, too. He’s a good man and a creative soul. He’ll find a way to manage his passion and reality. You introduced me to him a little over a year ago. He made me laugh and in turn I read some of his stories and offered my feedback. He truly wants to write. As you know, the balance of it all is tough. Good of you to check on him. ♡

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  3. A great post to read my friend. Sad too. I hope Eric is somewhere inspired and writing, hopefully displaying his talents in a new blog. As you said, it take courage to display our work to the public. It’s similar to standing naked before the world.

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