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View of Philly from Museum of Art (by mbell1975, Flickr)

I enjoy visiting some Tumblr sites, and Married Lovers (NSFW) is up there in my favorites. The site is a feast of luscious photos: sex, art, nature, food, and cool architecture.

I’m going to try a project on my blog, to post photos along the same lines as the Married Lovers site. What can I say, I’m inspired. But I’m not going to include X-rated photos. There’s already a tremendous amount of porn on the Interwebs, so I’ll choose to focus on celebrating various places and sensual things. Also, I’m going to occasionally post my poetry.

The project will start with places where events happen in my new self-published novel, The Sweet Taste of Revenge — or places which are referred to. Then I’ll move on to other places and things.

I’ll try this project for about a month and see how it goes, then decide if I’ll continue beyond that.

Today’s photo is a view of Philadelphia from Museum of Art, by mbell1975 (Flickr).


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I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

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