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Pre-Order Cancelled


Amazon cancelled the pre-order for my new novel, The Sweet Taste of Revenge. Their email said it was because the final ebook file had not been uploaded at least three days before the publication date (originally scheduled for June 1).

In Amazon’s defense, they sent me three emails in the past week to notify me that a final file needed to be uploaded.

I’m kicking myself for not checking my gmail account more frequently, as I don’t receive much email through there — besides WordPress telling me that someone new is following my blog, or when I’m following a new blog (which I can find out by logging onto WP).

When I set up the pre-order on Amazon a little more than a week ago, I uploaded the ebook’s file, and I considered the file as final. I had gone through two rounds of editing the book, and I liked the shape of the novel. After I finished Amazon’s process, the status for the book was “Pre-order live.” Cool, so it’s good to go, right?

Not so fast. I suppose Amazon thinks the ebook file you initially upload for a pre-order is a draft. That you’re still polishing the story, so you need to upload the final file at least three days before publication day. I had already uploaded my final file, but I guess Amazon needed confirmation of that.

My punishment is no pre-ordering ability for a year (ouch!). So I’ll have to wait until next year to see how an experiment of pre-ordering works.

I’m going to publish The Sweet Taste of Revenge in the same straightforward way as my past ebooks. Publication will be in a few days — unless something else goes wrong. I’ll set the price at 99 cents for a week, since that was the pre-order price.

My apologies to you if you ordered a copy and received Amazon’s notice that the pre-order was cancelled.


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2 thoughts on “Pre-Order Cancelled

  1. Pre-Orders can be a pain. I think a year not being allowed is overkill, but then again, that’s what they are known for best.

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