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The Rape Victim’s Statement


I’m stepping away from my poetry today because I feel compelled to write about the statement written by the victim of the Stanford rape, for which the attacker was sentenced this past week. The victim shared her statement with BuzzFeed News, and they published it several days ago.

In a CNN article, “Show rape victim’s letter to your sons,” Mel Robbins encourages men to read the statement written by the victim, who read it aloud to the man who assaulted her.

I agree that men should read the statement, as it explains the impact that the rape and trial had on her. This goes well beyond the headlines we’re used to seeing and hearing when presented with news. These are the victim’s own words to describe the confusion, pain, anger, and more that she went through after learning of the assault and being questioned by the attacker’s attorney during the trial.

It’s achingly sad to read the letter. And shocking about the attacker’s behavior, of how he took advantage of the intoxicated and unconscious victim, and how he tried to justify it later — saying that she not only gave consent, but found pleasure in the act. Even though she was passed out during the assault.

Leslie Morgan Steiner offers more advice for men in her op-ed, “Why rape is a men’s issue.” Steiner encourages men to talk about rape with the women and girls in their lives, as well as to speak up if you see a woman in a vulnerable situation due to her age or drunkenness. Two men biking on the Stanford campus saw the assault and stopped it by chasing the attacker and ensuring he didn’t escape before the police arrived. These guys are heroes, no doubt.

The notion behind the two CNN articles being that men should learn more about rape and what they can do to help prevent it.

That’s what compelled me to share the link to the victim’s statement here. Because it boggles my mind that a man could violate an unwilling woman or another man. There’s no excuse for it. Doesn’t matter how horny the guy is. Doesn’t matter what the woman is wearing, or if she posted sexy selfies on Instagram. Doesn’t matter how much the guy binged on alcohol or drugs. Or how much the victim binged.

The rape victim’s statement is powerful, and it must’ve required a great deal of courage for her to read it aloud to her attacker in court.

I encourage men to read the statement, to listen to the victim explain the emotional havoc she endured. Us men would do well to learn more about the emotional impact of rape. If we teach girls to be vigilant in public against attackers, we can also teach boys that rape is an inexcusable act that has devastating consequences for victims. And that we can help women when they’re vulnerable instead of taking advantage of them.


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14 thoughts on “The Rape Victim’s Statement

  1. I just re read this letter and once again am disgusted and appalled by the system, the rapist and those supporting him. Her letter was articulate and brave and something everyone should read.

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  2. Thank you for this post. That is all ❤️

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  3. I read the statement the other day, too. The attitude of both the attacker AND his father are appalling. The father wouldn’t even call it a rape, he referred to it as “actions” as if it were a youthful indiscretion rather than a heinous crime. The boy learns from the man, I suppose. I also love that Vice President Biden spoke out about it yesterday. There is a petition circulating to have the judge recalled. I understand he is up for reelection this cycle, but runs unopposed. Thank you for talking about this.

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    • I agree with you about the attitudes of the attacker and his father. The father’s letter to the judge was incredibly one-sided. A pastor replied to the father’s letter, pointing out that the son is not the victim. “His victim is the victim.” Very well said.

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    • I am so disgusted by the statement’s of the father. He said the sentence was too harsh for 20 minutes of pleasure. Horrifying words from a father. I am sure he would think differently if it were his daughter, Very disappointed in the judge too.

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  4. As the father of a daughter as well as a son, I am still sickened by this. I’m making it quite clear to my children, my thoughts on this, and holding nothing back as far as showing emotions concerning it. They need to see how upset I am and they need to understand why.

    Makes me so angry.

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    • Eric, I think you’re doing the right thing on showing your emotions to your kids, so there’s no question on how you feel about it. I would imagine that they will understand how it’s an extremely important topic.


  5. I always stay away from news and political subjects on my blog, but I was so tempted to post something about this incident. The father’s comments disgusted me. He should be ashamed of himself. The judge’s decision should have him permanently removed from the bench for his decision which encourages and enables lawlessness.

    Rape is a subject that infuriates me. Harsher measures need to be taken. This country is moving in the wrong direction when it comes to law and order.

    My prayers go out to the victrim and her family.,

    Thank you for this post.

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    • Thank you for your note. I also don’t post much on news and politics, and I debated on whether to post about the rape. I thought some people would roll their eyes about a guy who has written erotica and romance posting about the Stanford rape. But I was so moved by the victim’s statement, that I decided to do the post. And I’m glad I did. There’s a lot of outrage in the news about the judge, so we’ll have to see about the consequences of his ruling in this case.

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