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May Plans


Once again, several months have passed since I last posted here. As before my previous post, I’ve been quite busy with writing, working, and family. But everyone I know is quite busy, so I’m certainly not alone with that.

One of the projects that’s been keeping me busy is River — the working title of a novel I finished writing last year, and I’ve been editing it this year. I’m pleased to say that I plan on self-publishing the novel in May. The editing process  seemed to take longer than it did, but I’ve grown to I appreciate the process of re-shaping of the story. Compared to the first draft, it’s more stream-lined and tighter. Hopefuly, making it a more enjoyable read.

I’ll give more info when the book becomes live on Amazon, as I’m still working on making it a little tighter. But it feels good to be almost finished. With the warmer temperatures of spring, it’s like the book is coming out of hibernation.


Author: augustmacgregor

I'm a writer of erotica and romantic fiction.

12 thoughts on “May Plans

  1. Good to hear from you August. Best of luck with the novel!

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  2. Sounds great! I’m glad you’ve been doing something you enjoy.

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  3. Congratulations on finishing another novel, Gus. Taking time for writing and family sounds ideal. Hope your summer allows for some fun. You’ve earned it.

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  4. Great news! Congrats on the new novel. I’m in the editing process myself – so here’s to both of us getting things done. Best of luck, August!

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