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‘Lucky’ Excerpt

Following up on yesterday’s post about my new novel, Lucky, being free until Sunday, June 25, I wanted to post an excerpt from the novel. Here’s the start of chapter 1:


Hugo Freeman stared in disbelief at the lottery ticket in his hand, then at the television screen. But the string of numbers had vanished from the screen, replaced by the guy with poofed-up hair and cheese-ball grin and shiny suit.

“There you have it, folks,” the TV guy said in his ain’t everything great voice. “Congratulations to the lucky winners! If you’re not one of those, be sure to try again next week. Who knows when your luck will turn on the Cloud Nine Lottery? Good night folks!”

Cut to a commercial for some kind of drug to alleviate some kind of painful symptoms.

Hugo’s attention was more on the ticket than the screen. Did he win? The numbers that were on TV had seemed to match those on his ticket. Maybe some of the numbers were close. Was there a 39 in the winning numbers, or had it been 29?

Impossible that he matched every winning number. The chances of matching were astronomically against him — and everyone else who played Cloud Nine every week with the hope of picking the five regular numbers and the Lightning Strike number. Thousands of people across the many states where Cloud Nine was offered. All those people handing over a dollar for each ticket, buying several tickets every time.

Hugo had seen it happen regularly. He played regularly, too. Five tickets each week, never the same number. Some people played the same numbers with meanings: birthdays, anniversaries, and such. Hugo didn’t understand the idea behind that strategy. As if luck was somehow bound to catch up with numbers meaningful to a certain person.

It was like driving the same car on the same road and thinking the road would end up in a paradise of sexy beachgoers who handed you a tropical drink and invited you to join the party. But, in reality, the road led to the same Goddamn places it had always did. Same bullshit houses, same bullshit stores.

He would find out the winning numbers tomorrow, at work. He’d wait until Darnell was in his office doing paperwork, then Hugo would pull out the ticket and compare his numbers against the official ones. The numbers had looked close on TV, but that didn’t win anything. No prize for close. Only right on the money got you the money.

Hold on. The Internet didn’t provide answers to everything, but it gave a lot of answers. Would Cloud Nine’s website have the numbers so soon after the little plastic numbered balls were lifted out of the glass box, where they swirled in a mini tornado? It was worth checking out.

Hugo turned on his old laptop and retrieved a Budweiser from the fridge while the computer woke up. Taking a drink of beer, he knew he didn’t win. He never did. He was used to the slowness of his laptop, but it irritated him as he sat on the couch and watched the computer on the coffee table. He wanted to be done with this chore. See that his numbers were close losers, then he could wrap up Friday night.



Revenge is Published

Sweet Taste of Revenge ebook cover

After the pre-order screwup, my self-published novel, The Sweet Taste of Revenge, is now available on Amazon! The introductory sale is for 99 cents. Less than a buck for a novel of just over 190,000 words. After a week, the price will increase to $3.99.

I’m happy to see this book published, as it is the effort of many, many months crafting it. Several years ago, I wrote a lot of erotic and romantic short stories, and some of them have grown into novels–since I found that I wanted to expand on what happened to the characters.

The Sweet Taste of Revenge is one of those. The short story grew during the past year, and I was interested to see what happened in Michelle Brower’s life after she discovered another woman’s hair on her husband’s shoulder.

Some days brought fluid writing, while other days brought doubts and much slower writing. Eventually, though, the doubts eased during the editing process. (I described my doubts in another post.)

And now, the book is complete and self-published on Amazon. A big breath of relief!

Here’s an excerpt — the first chapter — to hopefully whet your appetite:


Chapter 1. Strand of Hair

The blonde hair on her husband’s shoulder didn’t belong to Michelle Brower.

Michelle and Joe were reading in bed, their nightly routine after dinner and their favorite TV shows. Sometimes, though, Michelle went through the routine alone, when Joe worked late on a demanding project. He put in a lot of hours at Hannold Engineering in the hopes of advancing his career into upper management. That position shone brightly above him on the corporate ladder, and he was determined to climb the rungs.

The light from the nightstand’s lamp flitted across something on the fabric of light blue pajamas on Joe’s shoulder. Enough to catch Michelle’s attention out of the corner of her eye. At first, Michelle kept reading Dead Ringer, the suspense novel she was enjoying, in which Detective Baldwin was at a bar, nursing his fourth Jack Daniels while trying to make sense of clues found at yet another crime scene from the previous night.

But something on her husband’s shoulder kept twinkling in the light, like a lure drawing fish out of a lake’s depths and up to the surface. Michelle had to stop reading and find out what the thing was, so she reached over and pinched it off.

A long strand of blonde hair. It twirled from the grip of Michelle’s thumb and forefinger as she held it up.

Exhibit A, your honor. She didn’t think it then, but would eventually view the hair that way.

“This isn’t mine,” Michelle said while looking curiously at the hair. It was a simple, flat statement. Void of the intense emotion to come later.

After glancing at the hair, Joe shrugged, saying, “It’s probably from the dry cleaners.” Trying to pass off the hair as nothing.

“But I clean your PJs. Not the dry cleaners.”

“Who knows?” he wondered. “Hair gets everywhere. It’s probably from the hotel. God knows how many people go through hotel rooms.”

Hotel room. Atlanta. Joe recently came back from a business trip. The facts clicked together for Michelle. As if she hoped to emulate the hunky and damaged Detective Baldwin, who tried to click the facts together to discover the serial killer’s identity.

Joe pressed on: “You know hotels are like carousels. Thank God I’m not worried about germs. Otherwise, I’d wear gloves or a Haz-mat suit or something. You know, they never wash the bedspreads in hotels. They just put them right back on the bed. I bet those things are breeding grounds for germs. I try not to touch them at all. I don’t want to get sick and bring some nasty bug home to you. But I guess I can touch them by accident. It happens. That’s where the hair came from. Got to be.”

“Yeah. I guess so.”

Michelle had told him that tidbit about hotel bedspreads not being washed. She heard it from a girlfriend and passed it along to Joe.

And now, her husband used it as an excuse for another woman’s hair on his PJs. But Michelle wasn’t convinced. Call it intuition. Something about Joe’s tone of voice or his frown or maybe a shadow across his face.

No, there wasn’t really a shadow on his face. That appeared later, in her mind, as Michelle remembered the scene and tried to pick out details that showed her husband’s guilt.

Michelle tried to tell herself that the thoughts of Joe cheating were all in her imagination. She was looking too hard for suspicious behavior. Her perception was biased because she read too many detective novels. Maybe she wanted to find suspicious behavior, so she turned ordinary things into clues because she figured they should be guilty.

She laughed, thinking, Don’t be so worried. There’s nothing wrong. Joe’s not the cheating type. He’s devoted to you, and he’s a hard worker. All that traveling stressed him out. So don’t go looking for things that aren’t really there.

Still, another woman’s hair had actually been on her husband’s shoulder. A blonde woman’s hair wasn’t ordinary.

Discovering the first hair led to the need to decide how it got on the shoulder of Joe’s pajamas. Maybe Joe was right. He could’ve tossed his pajamas on the bed in a Atlanta hotel, and his PJs picked up a hair from a previous occupant.

Or maybe Joe was lying. The hair could’ve meant that her husband fucked some blonde bitch in his hotel bed, and she spent the night sleeping next to him. Maybe they even fucked a second time in the morning.

Because the blonde hair wasn’t the only suspicious thing. There was something different in how Joe acted. He was more enthusiastic in general. And it wasn’t merely because his business trip to Atlanta had broken up January’s winter doldrums.

Undoubtedly, the trip to Atlanta had jolted some electric juice in him. Michelle felt a nagging sense that Joe’s great mood after his trip was due to great sex. Like how Joe used to get when he and Michelle had a weekend packed with sex. After several rounds of wonderful love-making, Joe positively glowed with happiness and relaxation. The guy sported a wide grin that took many days of returning to his job and grinding at work to wear off.

He had that glow again. Like characters in a musical, just before they broke out into singing and dancing. That was it. Joe didn’t normally look like he was about to break out in song and dance, but he did now.

And it wasn’t from a weekend of having an orgasm marathon with his wife. Who was a brunette.

As much as Michelle denied Joe’s guilt, the clues pointing otherwise kept nagging at her. His effervescent mood. The blonde hair. His business trip to Atlanta.

Michelle imagined Joe sitting at a hotel bar, sipping on a bourbon and club soda. A long-legged femme fatale sauntered in, wearing a black dress that hugged her curves. Her dress was cut low and cut high where it mattered. Showing enough skin to capture your eyes and hold them there securely. Until you realized that you were staring, and you had to turn your head. Before someone called you a creep.

As the femme fatale sat on a bar stool, she pushed blonde hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. Her long, straight hair flowed gently past her shoulders. Making all the men in the bar wonder how that hair would look when it was fanned out on a bed. Of course, after the bedspread was ripped off. Hotels never washed those things, and they were surely breeding grounds for germs.

Once the bedspread was ripped away, you could lay this hottie on the bed and see how her blonde hair looked all splayed about. You’d get to see how her body looked in various positions. Because her body and hair inspired lots of wicked fantasies.

All the men in the bar lusted after the blonde, as her smoky blue eyes drank them in. Her glossy red lips were parted just so, seeming to nearly say something—or kiss someone. If only a special someone would come.

Joe slid off his bar stool and went to the woman, as if drawn by a powerful magnet. He said in a scratchy voice, How about a cigarette, then a drink, then my hotel room? In that order.

A scene from an old, black-and-white noir movie, full of clichés. A blonde femme fatale and stilted dialogue. The scene was probably nowhere close to what actually happened to Joe in the hotel during his trip to Atlanta.

Michelle didn’t have a clue as to how Joe got started with the blonde. But she knew the story led to a long hair on the shoulder of her husband’s pajama top.


20 Sexy Stories and Love Poems in 5 Words

I’ve written scary stories in 5 words and poems in 5 words, so now it’s time for …

(can you feel the excitement building??)

… sexy stories and love poems in 5 words!

(but you already guessed that from the title, didn’t you?)

  1. Let’s cuddle like cute hedgehogs.
  2. Her body is a poem.
  3. Skin smooth as chocolate cream.
  4. Her snake tattoo: Deadly beauty.
  5. Naked, they entered the library.
  6. Naked, they ate delicious sushi.
  7. Men grateful for nipply weather.
  8. Ticklish and orgasmic: Full weekend.
  9. “Touch me there, don’t stop.”
  10. Parted lips of glossiest red.
  11. First kiss grew, flourished, tropical.
  12. Her falling dress; he shivered.
  13. Nefarious bra clasp! Can’t unlock!
  14. Together, we endure and rejoice.
  15. Feeding her a raw oyster.
  16. Bedroom sanctuary: Togetherness comfort found.
  17. Blissful moans, her beautiful singing.
  18. Things she does with bananas.
  19. Fingertips adore exploring her body.
  20. Avocado meets jalapeño: Gettin’ spicy.


Eric Key’s New Story

Eric Key’s new story — Mstislav — is out, and it’s available for free at Smashwords.

Eric used to have a WordPress blog, where he talked not only about his writing, but stories from others. This support was extended to other people’s blogs, where I saw he was a frequent commenter. He also supported my writing on my blog, for which I’m grateful. It’s in this spirit of helping out a fellow indie author that I’m posting about his new story — and a couple of his other stories that are freshly available on Smashwords.

Before I get into his three ebooks, I want to say that reading them comes at an appropriate time for me. The novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo is horror, and it was really interesting to read what another author has done within the genre.

However, Eric’s stories aren’t just horror — they’re erotic horror. So you need to know that these stories are only for readers 18 years and older, due to the explicit descriptions of sex and violence. As Eric’s warning message on his ebooks says, “This story is a work of fiction and it is intended for mature audiences. All the characters depicted in sexual situations are over the age of 18.”

The first two stories below are erotic horror, and they bring a big, walloping dose of both of those. These are not the stories for you if you want a romance with sparkly vampires. What you get instead are intense stories with scenes that come right at you, and there are things in them that I’ve never read about before. Enough to maybe make Stephen King flinch. Indeed, Eric has a very vivid imagination. These are dark stories that aren’t exactly for squeamish readers.

The third story below is erotica and contains BDSM. I’ve never read Fifty Shades of Grey, so I can’t compare Eric’s For the Glory to that popular BDSM book, but I can tell you that Eric’s story has very hot scenes. It also might be the only erotica book with a Gettier problem in it.

The blurbs for each book are under the titles. Click on the covers or titles to jump to their Smashword pages. As of today, all of these ebooks are free…
Mstislav, by Eric Keys


Angela is a school teacher with a double life. She thinks her secrets might get her into trouble someday, but it turns out the the secrets of one of her students and her husband are far more of a threat to the world than her dabbling in erotic writing. As things come to light Angela is drawn into a world of violence, vengeance, blood, sex and glory. You see, she’s about to meet Mstislav.

Grace and Blood, by Eric Keys
Grace and Blood

All Gracie wanted was to fulfill her passionate desire for her boss, Kevin. But when she finally makes her move she finds herself drawn into a story beyond her understanding. It’s a story of fear, blood and lust that might set fire to the world.

For the Glory, by Eric Keys
For the Glory

Sometimes it takes extraordinary measures to turn hate into love.

Ilsa was driven by rage when she met Saul. He was everything she despised, but he saw something more in her. But does he have the determination to break through Ilsa’s defenses? And more importantly, does Ilsa have the strength to let him?

Warning: There are ideas and words in here which might make you uncomfortable, but there is also plenty of hot BDSM action. And maybe there will be a happy ending.


One last thing: Eric’s new blog is The Blood, The Glory, and The Grace.


A Little Bite

As Alecia bent forward and pushed her jeans down her legs, Brent, who sat on the edge of the bed, watched her intently. Particularly, he looked at the curves of her butt and the lace-fringed edge of her creamy orange panties, and how the edge of those panties rose diagonally up the butt cheek that was closest to him.

“You’ve got such a great ass,” he said. “I just want to bite it.” He caught himself. “Not hard, though.”

Alecia finished pushing off her jeans, tossed them to the side, and then she straightened up and put her hands on her hips. Her fingers splayed on those orange panties. She looked at him over her shoulder.

Her eyebrow raised for two seconds before she asked, “But what if that’s what I want?”

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Bavarian Beauty — Novel Giveaway and Excerpt #3

This one isn’t as long as the other excerpts I’ve posted of my novel, Bavarian Beauty, but I wanted to give a little peek into one of the many sex scenes.

On and on, I fucked her and spanked her and she cried out “Yes, sir!” and the spot on her butt cheek grew pinker and pinker where my palm hit it. Thrills raced through me, the thrills of dominating her, of being the strong one in charge, having her do my whim, service me, call me sir and cast her head downward and whisper “I love you” to my cock which no woman had ever done before and no woman had never made me beg for her pussy before and no woman had ever wanted to unleash the animal in me to let it loose and watch it roar and thrash.


Does this whet your appetite to read more? You can try your luck at a random drawing for 5 free ebooks of this novel. Simply send an email to me at by the end of the month (September 30). In your email, tell me the name that, if you do win, you’d like me to include on the post when I list the winners on October 1. You know, if you don’t want me to include your full name, you can shorten it (like A. Bouffant) or go with a nickname (like Saucy Pants). The winners will be picked by random out of a hat. Those 5 lucky winners will receive an email with a coupon code so they can download the ebook from Smashwords for free.

Only open for readers who are at least 18 years old. This is erotica, after all. In case you couldn’t tell from that excerpt.

Bavarian Beauty cover

But, if you just can’t wait until the giveaway and you’re not the gambling type, you can purchase the ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords (you have to click “Adult Content” in the top blue bar, all the way to the right to view these kinds of books). This is a work of erotic fiction and is meant for mature readers only. It contains explicit descriptions of sex (including threesomes and light BDSM), a lot of hot chocolate, Bavarian food, beer drinking, gorgeous scenery of mountains, a few leather outfits, and a creepy mannequin.

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Bavarian Beauty — Novel Giveaway and Excerpt #2

I’m running a giveaway of my erotic novel, Bavarian Beauty, and all you have to do is send me an email!

Just drop me a line at by Tuesday, September 30. When you email me, please tell me the name that, if you do win, you’d like me to include on the post when I list the winners on October 1. You know, if you don’t want me to include your full name, you can shorten it (like N. Stevadore) or go with a nickname (like Queen Kitty). I’ll pick the winners by random. At the end of September 30, I’ll put the names of everyone who emailed me into a hat and pick out 5 names. I’ll email those 5 lucky readers with a coupon code so they can use to download the ebook from Smashwords for free.

Only for readers who are older than 18!

So, what’s this novel about, anyway?

It’s comprised mostly of journal entries written by the main character, Simon Edwards, as he deals with his dirndl fetish. Because Simon has dealt with many disappointments with women turning him down for being “weird” and “crazy” with his unusual fetish, he can get excitable when faced with women who fulfill his fetish. But isn’t enthusiasm a wonderful trait?


An excerpt from the novel:

      She undid her braids and shook out them out. Her sandy blonde hair tumbled down in an avalanche of soft waves to gently settle on her tits. Gorgeous, fucking gorgeous. Some hairs were bright blonde. Others were light brown. What did she think of me as I watched her so intensely? My fascinated, lusty inner teenager was plain to see. Hopefully, she thought I was simply a cute American enjoying a Bavarian hottie.
      Her body deserves a long paragraph in my German guidebook, with details of each peak and crevice. And her hair, too. Starting with a part in the middle, then falling in long tresses. It’s a sight not to be missed. One sight among many. She deserves to be at the top of the list of Must See Bavarian Attractions.
      Actually, strike that. Tourists would line up to see her, with their fancy cameras at the ready, clicking away. Fuck that.
      She’s got a long entry in my journal. It’s nice and private. Hopefully, she’ll be in more entries. MANY MORE.


Bavarian Beauty cover
Want to read more? Send me an email at to enter the giveaway by September 30. Or, if you’re burning with desire to read the book before then, you can purchase the ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords (you have to click “Adult Content” in the top blue bar, all the way to the right to view these kinds of books). This is a work of erotic fiction and is meant for mature readers only. It contains explicit descriptions of sex (including threesomes and light BDSM), a lot of hot chocolate, Bavarian food, beer drinking, gorgeous scenery of mountains, a few leather outfits, and a creepy mannequin.