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Love and Roses

Rose Garden painting

Happy Valentine’s Day! A rose garden for you, and wishes for a wonderful day.

“My hands will get dirty holding your rose-shaped heart, because love is like gardening—it’s earthy and takes work to keep it alive.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

** Painting is “The Rose Garden” (1877) by Carl Frederic Aagaard. Quote from


Gorgeous Tulips

Diving into the beauty and sensuality of tulips. All of these photos are from Flickr, and are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. This license allows for use of the photo, and ensuring attribution to the photographer is given. Thanks go to the photographers for taking such sumptuous photos and for sharing them. The names of the photographers are under each pic, and if you click on the photos, their Flickr pages will open.

Tulips seen from below

Michela Simoncini (Flickr)

Closeup of tulip center

jar() (Flickr)

Abstract photo of red tulip closeup

ljguitar (Flickr)

Closeup of purple tulip center

corazongirl (Flickr)

Orange and yellow tulip tops

dcJohn (Flickr)



I’ve posted Flickr photos of daffodils, and now it’s time to highlight the sensuality of hyacinths. These are also from great Flickr photographers, who have offered to share these photos with the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. Attribution given to them underneath each photo. Click on the pics to open the photographers’ pages.

Hyacinth by BotheredByBees

by BotheredByBees

Hyacinth by coniferconifer

by coniferconifer

Hyacinth by nnice

by nnice

Hyacinth by Jonathan Silverberg

by Jonathan Silverberg


Spring Rising with Daffodils

Spring is finally here! Warmer temperatures outside, birds singing, flowers rising. You can call it cliched and corny—but for me, these signs of spring are a relief after this year’s long and cold winter. I’m helping to celebrate with photos of daffodils. Beautiful, bright yellow, sunshiny flowers.

Yep, my blog is more about sex. I started this blog with the idea to put up my erotic writings, but also to showcase sensuality of the world. And flowers are certainly a huge part of that sensuality.

I’m not a photographer, so I looked up photos on Flickr. I found these beautiful shots, all listed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. This license allows use of the photo, even for commercial purposes, but to ensure attribution to the photographer is given. I’m not using any of these pics for a commercial purpose; simply to share them in celebrating our sensual world.

My thanks to the talented photographers who took these shots, and were generous to allow them to be re-used. I give attribution to the photographer under each photo. Also, please click on the photos to open their Flickr pages, so you can see more of their work.

Daffodil close-up photo, by Phil Roeder

by Phil Roeder (Flickr)

Daffodil photo by wwarby

by wwarby (Flickr)

Daffodil photo by WillowGardeners

by WillowGardeners (Flickr)