August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over


Bowlful of Cherries

cherries by Walid Mahfoudh (Flickr)

Naked and bedded
they fed each other cherries

Pinching a stem and holding the cherry
as if bait for a tiger

Lips spread wide, teeth bared,
they plucked the fruit from its stem

(First, she tickled under each cherry
with her tongue tip because she loved his reaction)

They used to be careful of the cherry juice,
so it wouldn’t get on the white sheet

But they decided pink explosive stains on the sheets
would be good reminders of this afternoon

The rule was tossed aside, and
spraying cherry juice added to the sensual fun

Cherry and cherry, back and forth, feeding and teasing,
the sweet flesh delightful in their mouths

He moved the wide bowl from between them
to the nightstand

As it was time to feast on each other.


Photo by Walid Mahfoudh (Flickr)



Coffee & Croissants

Yesterday, I posted my story “Romance in Paris” of a married couple enjoying breakfast in a Paris café. I already posted pics of cafés, so now it’s time for some food porn of coffee and croissants. These sweet photos are from Flickr, and were published under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. The photographers’ names are under the pics, and you can click on the pics to jump to their Flickr pages.

Coffee by Moyan Brenn

by Moyan Brenn

Croissant by Pauline Mak

by Pauline Mak

Coffee by waferboard

Coffee by waferboard

Almond Croissant by joyosity

by joyosity

Cappuccino by maywong_photos

by maywong_photos

Coffee and croissant by kev-shine

by kev-shine