August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over


In This Garden


In this garden at mid-day,
your beauty is bright,
your smile and eyes of joy.
Laughing and dancing, you are
opened petals absorbing the sun,
sharing your sweet scent with the world.
The flowers sway with you,
grateful to be appreciated,
for their hard work to become
color and nectar
is now seen and loved.

In this garden at dusk,
your beauty has softened,
a dark translucent curtain covers you.
You linger here and there,
loving the sky’s colors of the tail end
of the sunset, a dying light
glorious in its death for the
reminder of mortality and the
wish for remembrance in another day.

In this garden at evening,
your beauty has deepened
into mysteries where I must
search the dark depths
mostly finding just glimpses of you.
Elusive as you are,
I continue my pursuit,
shrubs rubbing my cheeks,
thorns tearing my clothes–
as if to protect you from me.
But these flowers are merely jealous,
eventually they turn away and sleep
as I find you, embrace you
ensure that you will not rush off–
but you whisper,
I’ll stay, of course I’ll stay with you
as we lay on the grass of a garden path
trying to be as quiet as possible
to not wake up any of the flowers.


Photo by RHiNO NEAL


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Prompt Poems: Messenger, Sunrise, You, Illusion

She plops
her messenger bag
on the
coffee shop’s table,
and she’ll
never know
how much
I enjoy her
tattooed beauty.


He’s not sure
if she’s more
in the glow
of the sunset
or the
but decides
it doesn’t
really matter.


Upon the
she is
that he is
in her bed
and not
rushing off
to check the
green of another


It was you
always you
it took me
of fumbling
to finally
see it.


Trick of the light,
a desperate mirage,
fool’s gold glitter,
your eyes
that night
looks of illusion
as you made
empty promises.


Gorgeous Tulips

Diving into the beauty and sensuality of tulips. All of these photos are from Flickr, and are shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License. This license allows for use of the photo, and ensuring attribution to the photographer is given. Thanks go to the photographers for taking such sumptuous photos and for sharing them. The names of the photographers are under each pic, and if you click on the photos, their Flickr pages will open.

Tulips seen from below

Michela Simoncini (Flickr)

Closeup of tulip center

jar() (Flickr)

Abstract photo of red tulip closeup

ljguitar (Flickr)

Closeup of purple tulip center

corazongirl (Flickr)

Orange and yellow tulip tops

dcJohn (Flickr)