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Forever and Ever Diamonds

diamond ring, by Tim S (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Tim S (Flickr, Creative Commons)

the company wants us to know,
are forever.

And that’s true even when
the relationship has ended.

The jewel a sparkling reminder
of what once was.

And happily ever after
was not accomplished,
not this time.

But not all relationships
work out like fairy tales,
diamond marketing, and
romantic comedies.

Moments will sparkle
like that diamond
Moments will cut
like that diamond
Moments will fade away
Moments will last forever,
perhaps polished and multi-faceted,
like that diamond.


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Prompt Poems: These Chains and Climb Into Me

At first
he thought
these chains
were going to
weigh him down,
but marriage
brought him
heights of


She whispered
climb into me
into my heart
meld there
with my love
fill me with
your arousal
as rapture
within us.

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4 #fieryverse Poems

Four more poems stemming from #fieryverse prompts in the past several days… trying out different scenarios and describing them in an efficient, Twitter-word-count limited way. I’ve found that these prompts are a good stretching of creativity. The prompt is in bold within each poem…

Gathering together
our strength
but upon parting
next time,
we are still


Dressed or
in various
stages of
I believe
she can
see right into
the depths
of me.


There is no
of with
or without
I am simply
with her.



she will leave,
for the
walls reverberate
with his shouts
of abuse
and belittling.


Fireworks Kisses

To home after the fireworks, fighting the traffic with everyone leaving the park at the same time, finally making it home, putting the tired kids to bed, and dropping on the couch with a sigh.

Then he kisses her. Doesn’t pick up the TV remote. Doesn’t say for the tenth time what a great fireworks display it was this year. He kisses her.

The kiss starts off slowly. Just a touch, their lips merely saying hello. But he pushes on, past the hello and starting into a dance. She’s surprised, this kiss going beyond his normal. This is closer to his old normal, before he—both of them, really—changed. You could blame the three kids arriving in their lives and changing them completely, but that wouldn’t be the whole truth. Both he and she changed, and that change became the new normal.

Still, his lips push and play and continue to surprise her. She places her hand on his face, feeling the warmth of his skin and the beard stubble. She kisses him back, pleased how his lips want to keep dancing.

It’s a “I know it’s been a long day and we’re tired, but I don’t want to watch TV” kiss. It’s a “I’m sorry for taking you for granted” kiss. It’s a kiss meant to convey love and longing. It’s a kiss meant to wow her, and it succeeds. It’s a kiss with an exploring tongue and his hand on her thigh, underneath her shorts and on the sensitive skin of the inside of her thigh.

It’s a fireworks kiss. A kiss that started like a single line of the rocket flying up into the sky, everyone watching and waiting, then the rocket bursting with brilliant colors and lighting up everyone’s awed eyes. Her eyelids are not wide open, though. They’re half closed to see him so near to her, and then they’re all the way closed to focus more on the feeling, just to feel him and kiss him back.

Their kiss lasts a lusciously long time. The fireworks burst continually now, no need to wait for a pause in the show and see the darkness of the night take over momentarily and see the flight of a new rocket. No, this was a bloom of firework after firework, a constant and vibrant show. And now, leans against her, and she accepts him, leaning back. Lying back on the couch. Him on top of her, not missing a beat of those fireworks kisses as he undresses her and continues in the night’s explosions.


No Oscar Here

As we watched the awards show,
she said,
“I’ve never
wanted to win an Oscar
for faking an orgasm with you
I wouldn’t want you to
keep doing something
that doesn’t turn me on
and I’d much
rather show true pleasure
for when you do
those things
those special wondrous things
that make me feel
oh so very