August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over


His Strong Hand

The feel of his hand
Holding her hand
As they walk
In the park
Just to be walking
And being together.

For his hand is
Strength, trust, loyalty,
Confidence that he
Is there, by her side.
Has been there
For years and
Promises with
its strength
That it will
Be there, by her side,
For years and years
To come.

A deep bond,
This strength and trust,
For she has
Cried upon his shoulder,
Sought his embrace
When she needed warmth,
Told him secrets she’s
Never told to another,
Welcomed him to do
Things to her that
She’s never
Allowed to another.

Through all of this
The everything of
Ups and downs
Pains and laughter
He is still there
By her side
Holding her hand
With his strong hand.



Prompt Poems: These Chains and Climb Into Me

At first
he thought
these chains
were going to
weigh him down,
but marriage
brought him
heights of


She whispered
climb into me
into my heart
meld there
with my love
fill me with
your arousal
as rapture
within us.

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4 #fieryverse Poems

Four more poems stemming from #fieryverse prompts in the past several days… trying out different scenarios and describing them in an efficient, Twitter-word-count limited way. I’ve found that these prompts are a good stretching of creativity. The prompt is in bold within each poem…

Gathering together
our strength
but upon parting
next time,
we are still


Dressed or
in various
stages of
I believe
she can
see right into
the depths
of me.


There is no
of with
or without
I am simply
with her.



she will leave,
for the
walls reverberate
with his shouts
of abuse
and belittling.


Opening Day, Part 2 (of 2)

A continuation of my erotic short story that started yesterday. Please know that this piece of erotic ficiton is intended for mature readers who are 18 years and older, as it contains explicit descriptions of sex (the characters are older than 18).

* * * * *

Opening Day, Part 2

Michelle had to chuckle, and she then rolled her eyes. “You think I’ve changed my mind? You really think I’ve changed my mind?”

“Just wondering.”

“I’ve told you a thousand times that I’m not going to suck your dick during a game.”

“But you have, though,” Justin pointed out. “A few times.”

Michelle sighed, saying, “Okay, but those were boring games, and we were being blown out. I’m not going to do it during a game I want to watch. It’s not like you’ve gone down on me in a game that you want to watch.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But I have gone down on you in games.”

“Yep. But don’t you worry. We’ve still got the seventh-inning stretch.”

“Been lookin’ forward to it.”

When the middle of the seven inning rolled around, they got right into their routine. First, by stripping out of their clothes. Not a slow striptease—but a swift removal of these things in the way. Justin was already hard. He sat back on the couch, legs spread wide. Michelle sat between his legs, with her back to him, and slid back toward him. She was careful not to jam her body against his erection, and he fit it under the crack in her ass. No penetration, but a nestling between her buns. Like a hot dog. In this position on the couch, both of them could easily watch the game.

He reached around her and placed his hands on her thighs, caressing their soft skin. “I wanted to do this when I saw you in that skirt.”

“Your self-restraint is admirable.” She looked down at his hands and hummed “Mmmm” as they neared her vagina. Then she moaned as his fingers reached there.

Babe,” Justin said, clearly impressed. “You are wet. Seriously wet.”

“You think you’re the only one looking forward to the seventh-inning stretch? It’s been a long winter.”

“But it’s not like we weren’t having sex all winter.” One of his hands stayed on her pussy while his other hand found her boobs and fondled them as Michelle groaned her appreciation. “We had a lot. ‘Specially since we don’t go out as much.”

“Yeah, but it’s not baseball sex,” she clarified.

“Oh, I know how you like your baseball sex.”

“Mmm-hmm. So do you. Slow down, hon. You’re going too fast.”

“Sorry, babe. Little excited.”

“More than a little. I can feel that excitement.” She wiggled her ass, rubbing his cock.

“And you’re gonna get that big excitement in you soon.” He gently pinched her firm nipple, rolling it with his fingertips and thumb.

“Mmm. Can’t wait. It’s gonna feel soo good. Like this. This feels really good. I love those big hands. They know what to do. They know what mama likes. Keep right there, babe. Mmm-hmm. Yeah, that’s it. Right there. Yeah, right fucking there.”

A batter from their team hit a line drive that landed safely in the outfield.

“Yes!” Justin and Michelle yelled together, watching as the batter ran to second base safely.

“Start-off double,” Michelle said. “Good way to start the inning. Oh, that’s good. Rub it like that, baby. Oh, yeah. Like that.”

The following batter hit a hard grounder that got them excited, but the opposing short-stop fielded it cleanly, checked the runner at second base with a swift look, but kept the ball for an extra second since that runner wasn’t going. Then he threw the batter out at first base.

“Fuck!” they yelled.

“Two more outs, baby,” Justin said, his fingers moving on her clitoris and nipple. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

“Uh-huh, uh-huh. Better get something here, being down by one. Ohhh.”

Two strikes came quickly to the next batter, and the tension rose. They gritted their teeth at the third pitch. Ball. Not much relief there, not while being on the precipice of two strikes. Another ball. A tiny bit more relief. A small step back from the edge. Then a mighty swing that sailed through the air, the ball smacking into the catcher’s mitt.

“Fuck!” they yelled again. “C’mon!”

“But, fuck, this is good,” Michelle added, giving another butt wiggle. It was one of her superstitions when they were like this, a little wiggle for good luck. Plus, she simply liked how his hard cock felt nestled down there. She wasn’t a big fan of anal sex, but his cock down there reminded her of her pussy being pounded in doggy-style—which she was a big fan of.

A first pitch strike on the third batter. “C’mon, c’mon!” they encouraged. Both leaned forward. Justin’s finger was busy rubbing circles on her clit. His other hand held her left boob in a firm grip. Another strike.

“This fucker’s aggressive,” Justin snarled.

“Uh-huh,” Michelle agreed. “Oh. Oh. Yeah. Oh.” She ground her hips down, rolling them in tight circles, pushing her butt cheeks on his cock, while pushing her pussy against his finger.

Sure enough, another aggressive pitch down the middle of the plate, meant for strike three. But it didn’t quite make it to the catcher’s mitt. For the bat connected hard with the ball, smashing it deep in the corner of left outfield.

“Go! Go! Go!” they shouted.

They leaned forward even more. His finger rubbed her clit even faster. He gripped her breast even harder.

“Yes!” she shouted as the runner who was on second plate rounded third and sprinted home. She pushed down and lay back against his chest and froze for a second, yelling out “Yes! Oh God, yes! Yes! Fuck YES!” before trembling in the strength of the orgasm.

The batter who smashed the ball made it to second base easily and clapped his gloved hands in excitement. On the couch, Michelle hoisted up, thrust her hand down, gripped his cock, held the tip of it to her pussy, and dropped back down, sinking on his erection as far as she would go.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she cried out and started humping him.

He lightly swatted her butt cheek, saying, “We got this, baby, we got this. Tied up and plenty of game left. Fuck yeah, baby.”

Her ass thumped down on his lap. “That’s right, baby. We so fucking got this. I got this. I got this fucking cock, and I’m gonna fuck this big fucking cock so fucking hard. I so fucking got this.”

She leaned forward, her hands clutching his thighs. She humped faster this way, and he was transfixed by her ass rising and falling, making his cock appear and disappear deep into her pussy. But the sounds of the game broke the spell, and his attention returned to the TV. A strike to the batter who had the opportunity to drive in a run and cause their team to re-take the lead. The audience in the stands was going wild.

Just like Michelle.

Justin smiled at her. She couldn’t see him smile. All she saw was the wide screen in front of them, her eyes riveted to the action on the baseball diamond. But Justin thought beyond the game. He thought of how this opened up months of excitement for them. Excitement right here on the couch together. The two of them, hot dogs, beer, and baseball on TV.

And many more seventh-inning stretches.

These thoughts brought a bright spot of joy for Justin. Times were tough and lean for them, but they were powering through it. This was a testament to their strength as a couple. They were really fucking good together. He knew this even before the game started, when he was cleaning up the kitchen and grilling the hot dogs, and now he told himself to remember that when he was depressed and angry about being unemployed.

They had each other. And they had baseball.


No Oscar Here

As we watched the awards show,
she said,
“I’ve never
wanted to win an Oscar
for faking an orgasm with you
I wouldn’t want you to
keep doing something
that doesn’t turn me on
and I’d much
rather show true pleasure
for when you do
those things
those special wondrous things
that make me feel
oh so very