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24 Ebooks at 99 Cents Each

Well, actually two of the ebooks are free: Etiquette at the Nude Beach and Everybody Wants to be in the Movies. Also, five of the stand-alone short stories are included in a single ebook collection — so you can get all of them for 99 cents in Orpheus Rising.

The largest savings are for the novel (Bavarian Beauty) and short-story collection (Orpheus Rising), each of which are typically $3.99. The novellas are typically $2.99, so the savings is still a couple of bucks.

This sale is to help celebrate February as a month of love, and these prices will continue for more than a month — until the first of April. So stock up your reading device with some sexy and romantic stories that’ll heat up these chilly winter days!

The books are organized by length (insert your own size matters joke here), and the categories below are based on word count definitions in Wikipedia, but I increased the word count of the novel definition from 40,000 words to 100,000 words, so that just one of my ebooks fits that criterion.

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Read to Me of Love - poetry cover
Read to Me of Love: 70 Love Poems. The fire of passion. The vulnerability of opening up your emotions to someone. The warm comfort of having a partner for many years. The work that relationships demand. The pain of breaking up. Unrequited love. The longing for finding love. The love of family and friends. This collection of 70 poems explores various types of love — not just romance and lust, but beyond those to different areas of emotion. For the spectrum of love is wide, filled with rich, vibrant colors. Amazon | Smashwords

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Please note that the ebooks below are works of erotic fiction and are only meant for mature readers who are aged 18 years and older. All characters in the stories are older than 18 years old and participate in consensual sex.

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NOVEL (> 100,000 words)

Bavarian Beauty cover, 120 pixels wide

Bavarian Beauty. Simon Edwards has a fetish for dirndls (the traditional Bavarian dress), and since he is only turned on by this specific dress, he endures many disappointing dates with non-dirndl wearing women. These disappointments lead him to fly to Munich during Oktoberfest to immerse himself in dirndl heaven. This story is about people with desires that differ from what is considered mainstream, and their search to find someone they feel comfortable with to share those desires. The novel is mostly comprised of Simon’s entries in his journal, and a few other sections are transcripts from Simon’s sessions with his therapist to work on his fetish. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

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NOVELLAS (20,000 to 100,000 words)

Covers of novellas

The Troll’s Bridge. A man dies across the street … A man dressed as a troll visits Sophie on Halloween … A man with piercing slate eyes appears in the house across the street. Strange things are happening in Sophie’s neighborhood. Will the man with the piercing eyes step up and give her the control — and the energetic sex that her mostly complacent husband doesn’t give her? Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

The Strathmore Club. Derek is working in his tedious job at a toll booth when, one morning, a hot blonde in a sports car invites him to the Strathmore Club. This is a world completely different than the one he left: members indulge in hedonistic pleasures of public nudity and sex — all in a posh Floridian resort loaded with palm trees, pools, and a golf course. The club celebrates healthy lifestyles of exercise, nutrition, and sunshine. Derek jumps into this pool of decadence as a guest for one day, experiencing things beyond his fantasies. After this, he will do what it takes to become a part of the Strathmore Club. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

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NOVELETTES (10,000 to 20,000 words)

Covers of novelettes

Finding Her Rush Henry doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong when it comes to the bedroom. Even though his girlfriend, Alison, says she enjoys having sex with him, she doesn’t show enthusiasm behind those words. And Henry is too timid to come right out and ask the reason behind this change. Frustrated, Henry turns to his buddies for advice — but they only make things worse by not taking him seriously. So he turns to studying books and meditating on his relationship with Alison, trying to find clues behind her lack of enthusiasm in the bedroom. But then, Alison takes Henry on a trip that changes everything in his search for answers. Amazon

A Honeymoon For Our Lives Apart. Tabitha is an older woman whose husband has cheated on her for a while, and she has parried with affairs of her own. Including an affair with Ethan, but it grows serious when Ethan falls in love with her. With a heavy heart, Tabitha breaks off the relationship. But before they completely call it quits, she invites him to a honeymoon for their lives apart, to be spent indulging in a lush hotel. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Steakhouse Love. The steaks are thick and juicy. The ambiance is romantic. This story follows three couples as they dine in a steakhouse and act on their lust in different ways. Joy and Jason slips into the ladies room for some adventurous fellatio. Another couple (Malcolm and Samantha) gets frisky right at their table in the restaurant. In the third couple, Margaret does pick up on the sexiness afoot (and ahand), and it inspires her to fire up the passion with her husband, Hank. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Etiquette at the Nude Beach. Kiera and Bridgette are lesbian partners enjoying a nude beach when a muscular guy asks them to help him put suntan oil on those hard-to-reach places. They decline and give him a lesson on proper etiquette at a nude beach. This interloper sets events in motion, as Kiera is disgusted by what she considers as rude behavior, and Bridgette is a little turned on, since she is bisexual. As they take a walk along the beach, Bridgette is determined to take her lover’s mind off the guy and onto more pleasurable things. After all, they’re naked and on a wonderful beach during a beautiful day. FREE at Smashwords!

Everybody Wants to be in the Movies. (Erotic horror) Dinner and a movie sounds like an ordinary date, but there’s nothing ordinary about this date between Margaret and Jim. He owns a theater, so they get to watch Roman Holiday all by themselves. The movie has technical difficulties, Jim has to go and fix the problems … and that’s when the date moves even further away from the ordinary. For Margaret is trapped in the theater. A new movie starts up. A creepy movie that shows Jim in a whole new light. FREE at Smashwords!

Maid Marian’s Missions. Characters from the Robin Hood legend as you’ve never seen them before! Maid Marian bravely approaches Prince John to persuade him to lower taxes for the people of Nottingham. But things don’t exactly go according to plan. Maid Marian could never have anticipated the events of the night with Prince John, and then the next day as she lays low in Sherwood Forest, in the worry of being pursued by the prince’s minions. Also, Beltane night looms — this is the pagan ritual at the end of April to celebrate the union of the Beltane God with the Goddess, to rejoice in spring and bless the land’s fertility. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Nurse House Call. Mr. Wombly is a donor at a sperm bank to earn extra cash, since he doesn’t have a full-time job and is working odd jobs to make ends meet. Rachel and Beverly are two staffers who are impressed with the volume of his donation, but question if he’s actually offering fresh donations or, for some reason, is sneaking older donations and adding to his fresh stuff. So they barge in on him during one of his appointments to see for themselves. After they have some sexy fun with Mr. Wombly, is just one time enough? Amazon

Gimme a B! Gimme a J! Like many men, Jake spends a great deal of time in front of the TV during autumn to watch his beloved football. His wife Emily, however, is fed up with it and wants him to spend more time with her on weekends in the fall. So Emily has a plan to jolt her husband out of his football addiction and look at her rather, than at the TV. She surprises him by wearing a sexy cheerleader outfit, but questions about his past keep nagging her, and she can’t help but bring them up. Amazon | Smashwords

The Old Ball Game. As the closing pitcher, you need intense concentration to get strikeouts and close down the game with your team winning. So it really doesn’t help when a fan behind home plate flashes one of her breasts at you. That’s what Ashley does to Joe as he pitches for his Charleston Dolphins against the Columbia Wrens (two fictional minor league baseball teams). Joe complains to his manager about the fan’s interference, and that gets Ashley in hot water with the stadium’s head of security. One thing leads to another … since, well, this is an erotic story — and it is a hot, sultry night in Columbia. Amazon | Smashwords

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Covers: Orpheus collection

Orpheus Rising: Erotic Stories of Hooking Up is a collection of six short stories that explore the hot moments when two people—strangers or friends—hook up to become lovers. These erotic stories cover a range of characters and settings, and the stories are listed below. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Stories included in this collection are as follows, and are offered as stand-alone ebooks (except for the Orpheus Rising short story):

  • Orpheus Rising. Vittore is a blind violinist who plays his masterpiece, “Orpheus Rising,” before an entranced audience in a concert hall. Nobody is more entranced than Heather, who has gotten lost listening to Vittore’s CD many times before, and who works at a museum where Vittore visited to check out their Stradivarius. And when Heather is asked to escort Vittore back to his hotel, the evening of rapture continues.
  • Kama Sutra Sweetie. Two models pose in challenging sexual positions for a new book on the Kama Sutra: The positions — such as The Wheelbarrow and The Clasping Position — are complicated, demanding, and highly charged with arousal. But, as the models pose, they are not allowed penetration. Thus, their desire builds and builds … until their lust breaks, and they need to do the positions fully, without boundaries and without holding back.
  • Yielding No More. A blinding snowstorm brings traffic to a halt on the highway. Stuck in the traffic jam, two strangers meet in one of their cars and head to the backseat to get to know each other better find a sexy way to stay warm.
  • The View From Where I’m Standing. On a Wyoming ranch, the view of far-off mountains is spectacular… but so is the view of a cowboy’s butt in jeans. This view is very much enjoyed by Michelle, who is a make-up artist working on the ranch for a commercial photo shoot. She and that cowboy — Mark — find passion among the beauty of the American West.
  • Underwood. Katherine has made a living writing best-selling books of romance and adventure, but she’s not a great typist. So she’s hired Josh to type out her stories on an old Underwood manual typewriter. When Katherine needs help fleshing out a scene in her new book, she calls on Josh to role-play the sword-fighting scene … and then swords flash swiftly. But when the sword play is done, the author and typist continue the roles of the story, relinquishing to the passion that flames them.
  • Van Gogh’s Whore Never Saw Georgia O’Keefe’s Flowers. Donna is a struggling painter in New York City, and she takes a job as a human sushi tray to earn extra cash. People pluck morsels of fish from her stomach as they attend an art gallery’s opening of sensual art that, unfortunately, doesn’t include any of Donna’s paintings. The experience surges Donna’s arousal — however, her boyfriend won’t answer her calls. So she heads back to her apartment, figuring she’ll take matters into her own hands. But her roommate’s boyfriend stands in the way of her self-help mission.

* * * * *

SHORT STORIES (<10,000 words)

Covers: short stories

Beware the Ides of March. In Shakespeare’s play, it was the warning the soothsayer gave to Julius Caesar. And it’s the warning that Laura receives from her husband, Grant, in a text. But what does it mean? Laura puts it to the side, as she works hard in her office on a Saturday to finish a big project. When she returns home, she finds out that the warning leads to giving up control, feeling the danger and helplessness of giving into Grant’s commands. And by giving into him, feeling wondrous heights of pleasure. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Meet Me in the Gym Sauna. Gay male erotica… the sauna at the gym is very hot, and the two men in there are sweaty and pumped up after lifting weights. When one of the men starts pitching a tent of the towel on his lap, he tries to cover it up. He’s being careful, since he doesn’t want the other man to know he’s turned on. But what if the other guy is also pitching a tent? Then an introduction must be made. And, because a third man walks in, plans must be made for meeting up later. That’s when their party moves to the townhouse that one of them owns. Amazon

Bikini Sunbathe. Becca comes back inside the house after sunbathing in the backyard, and she’s stunned to see her husband (Greg) lounging naked on the sofa. Also, she’s stunned to find out that he spied on her while she sunbathed, since he was so aroused by seeing her in the pink string bikini. He heats things up by acting on that arousal, warming her with his body and taking over for the sun that had warmed her outside. Amazon

Peep Show. Jason is gambling that his girlfriend, Carla, will enjoy a surprise that she never expected. Carla’s dressed up for a sexy night out, and she soaks in all the attention she gets as they hop through three bars to lubricate before finally ending up at a peep show. When the couple enters a booth in the back of the sex shop, the peep show grabs a firm hold of Carla’s attention — but she gives it right back as she follows Jason’s lead and gets into the sexiness of the place. Amazon

Saving Callie’s Christmas. Callie Skeffington had been good for many years — until she took a turn for the naughty the week before Christmas and tried anal sex with her boyfriend. With that, Callie jumped over to Santa’s bad list. However, Callie has a champion at the North Pole in Rayen the elf, who pleads Callie’s case to Santa, and is given the chance to tell Callie no more anal until after Christmas. Rayen’s wife, Livvy, isn’t thrilled about her husband going down to see this good girl turned bad. Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

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Prompt Poems: Farewell, Feed My Desire, End

One last post for 2014. I hope you have a fun and very safe New Year’s Eve! A few more prompt poems for you…

The door closed
behind him
his word

Staring at
the door,
she knew
her heart
had also


When I
need to feed
my desire
it won’t be
all roses
much more


we’ve come to
the end
it’s also
the beginning
for something

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Prompt Poems: Messenger, Sunrise, You, Illusion

She plops
her messenger bag
on the
coffee shop’s table,
and she’ll
never know
how much
I enjoy her
tattooed beauty.


He’s not sure
if she’s more
in the glow
of the sunset
or the
but decides
it doesn’t
really matter.


Upon the
she is
that he is
in her bed
and not
rushing off
to check the
green of another


It was you
always you
it took me
of fumbling
to finally
see it.


Trick of the light,
a desperate mirage,
fool’s gold glitter,
your eyes
that night
looks of illusion
as you made
empty promises.


Prompt Poems: Unraveled, Naughty, Shimmering, Grasp

Thread spool
across the floor
she followed it
to find
her present
in a little box,
and it
took her breath


It is
he said
to her,
a choice
naughty or nice
does it feel good


waltzing party,
tree lights,
eyes with delight
and fantasies
the night will bring.


When he
followed up
on his promise
of being there
when she
needed him,
she had a
grasp of

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4 #fieryverse Poems

Four more poems stemming from #fieryverse prompts in the past several days… trying out different scenarios and describing them in an efficient, Twitter-word-count limited way. I’ve found that these prompts are a good stretching of creativity. The prompt is in bold within each poem…

Gathering together
our strength
but upon parting
next time,
we are still


Dressed or
in various
stages of
I believe
she can
see right into
the depths
of me.


There is no
of with
or without
I am simply
with her.



she will leave,
for the
walls reverberate
with his shouts
of abuse
and belittling.


Silver-White Winter

Another #fieryverse prompt from Twitter this morning, and here are my two shots at short poetry for “silver-white winter”…

Other women
wore black
to the ball,
but encased in
silver-white winter,
she was stunning.


Her hair
flowed like
silver-white winter
the warmth
he felt,
of love
built with
every year
of their forty-nine