August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over


In That Song

it’s in hearing that song
that brings you back to the time
when you felt you lived
inside that song

its lyrics somehow
reflected what was going on
around you

the ache for things to be different
no matter how many prayers
your heart whispered,
they went unanswered

each prayer seeming more like
a shovel full of dirt
tossed to the side
to deepen the hole
in an attempt to bury your hopes

or maybe discover
water down there
to make a well

where you could stand
and listen to others
whisper down their prayers

you could softly answer
with that song
that wraps around them
and says the ache
is part of you

and it can help you treasure
the good times.

now the ache is a memory
among many memories
sweet and sad and precious
brought back by the melody

in that song.



Black Pearls

black pearls, by Challenge Convention (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Challenge Convention (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Tried out a #fieryverse prompt from Twitter this morning in a couple of poems as a writing stretch…

Her tears
slide down her cheeks,
drip off her jaw,
transform into
black pearls,
which he collects
in his hands
and treasures.


On the anniversary
of his death,
she wears
a necklace of
black pearls,
and the police
still have
no idea.


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Resemblances to Miriam

The third one, and she still wasn’t Miriam. There had been somewhat of a resemblance, which was why Derek had picked her out in the dating website in the first place.

When Derek had figured going on a dating site might’ve been a good idea, he hit a brick wall with the long questionnaire and its seemingly endless, inane queries:

What are the things that you are most proud of?

What are the top three things you are most passionate about?

If you won a million dollars in the lottery, how would you spend it?

What’s the most important thing you’re looking for in another person?

The last one was laughable. The most important thing was that the other person be Miriam. Nothing else was needed. No worries about hair color or eye color. How important religion was to them. If they were a smoker or a vegetarian or exercised three times week. If they’d rather go to an art museum or a baseball game (or insert other sport in the line below).

None of that mattered.

Derek had to admit that his third date from the website, just last night, was the closest among all three. Her name was Bethany. There was something to her brown eyes that were Miriam-like. Sure, they were more guarded than Miriam’s. Well, except for toward the end, when Miriam certainly had her guard up in their many arguments. But maybe it was because Bethany’s eyes were guarded and Miriam-like that Derek was impacted by them more than the first two dates. Maybe he wanted to see those eyes become unguarded, back to how they looked while things were smooth and beautiful with Miriam.

Still, though, Bethany’s gestures were wrong. She moved in a different way. Not close to Miriam at all.

“Which,” Derek told the cup of coffee the morning after the date, “is completely unfair to Bethany.” He had been honest with Bethany during the date and said that he had recently had a painful break-up. He was taking things slowly. Bethany kindly nodded, said she understood.

But she didn’t know how deeply Derek wanted her to be Miriam.

He sipped the coffee, then watched how the disturbance of his lips caused ripples across the surface of the coffee. He couldn’t decide whether to ask Bethany out on another date or leave her be and just be alone for a while.