August MacGregor

Celebrating Sensuality. Intended for mature audiences, 18 and over


Bowlful of Cherries

cherries by Walid Mahfoudh (Flickr)

Naked and bedded
they fed each other cherries

Pinching a stem and holding the cherry
as if bait for a tiger

Lips spread wide, teeth bared,
they plucked the fruit from its stem

(First, she tickled under each cherry
with her tongue tip because she loved his reaction)

They used to be careful of the cherry juice,
so it wouldn’t get on the white sheet

But they decided pink explosive stains on the sheets
would be good reminders of this afternoon

The rule was tossed aside, and
spraying cherry juice added to the sensual fun

Cherry and cherry, back and forth, feeding and teasing,
the sweet flesh delightful in their mouths

He moved the wide bowl from between them
to the nightstand

As it was time to feast on each other.


Photo by Walid Mahfoudh (Flickr)



Sand on Her Thighs

Coming back from a morning walk on the beach
sand is on her thighs,
so he knows she wasn’t just walking
on the beach,
just as he knows he doesn’t care
about the sand she’s leaving
on the hardwood floor.
Those are irrelevant,
because the urge now
is to wipe the sand off her thighs
and answer
the sun-hot, wave-crashed look in her eyes.


Luscious Chocolate

chocolate, by David Erickson (Flickr, Creative Commons)

David Erickson (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Thick luscious rich
the flavor filling her mouth
coating her tongue
in sweet utter bliss.

She closed her eyes
to concentrate
on it more.

Delicious delirious sumptuous
like evening in the tropics
air’s so humid
you bathe through it.

The sun slides under an
indigo-black sky’s blanket
leaves of the cocoa trees
and the dangling cocoa pods
fondled by the slight breeze.

For the chocolate tastes like
this rich tropical night of luxuriant
colors sensations textures.

The beautiful thing is that
each piece of
in the box promises
to be another


The photo above is used under the non-commercial Creative Commons license. Click on image to jump to photographer’s Flickr page.


Love Is

Love is walking hand in hand on the beach.

Love is gifts of red roses and chocolate.

Love is looking past the clichés of romance
and creating memories that are
unique to just the two of you.

Love is a song sung with huge, expansive emotion.

Love is being impatient to see your lover again.

Love is thinking your lover is the only person on Earth.

Love is comforting your lover when he or she is in pain.

Love is doing whatever you can to make your lover laugh.

Love is dancing closely together on a crowded dance floor
and not caring about the others around you.

Love is touching your lover in those places
you know they love to be touched.

Love is kissing your lover deeply for a long time.

Love is knowing that other person as who they are and not who you wish them to be, and you still stay with them, be by their side through the fun times and the heart-wrenching difficult times.

Love is enjoying bringing your lover to orgasm, and you are thrilled as they cry out in ecstasy.

Love is sweating and panting as you make love to your lover with reckless abandon, throwing any attempts to be cool or handsome or pretty or smart or suave out the window because you lost caring about those things in the moment, and all you care about is giving and getting pleasure from this amazing person.

Love is glowing after that wild sex, feeling your pulse and breath slowly return back down to normal.

Love is falling asleep next to your lover, grateful for she or he to be there, and looking forward to waking up next to them the next morning.


Jobs for a Rose

rose, courtesy Internet Archive Book Images (Flickr, Creative Commons)

Internet Archive Book Images (Flickr, Creative Commons)

“A rose is a rose,”
he said,
“whether under your nose
or stroking your breasts

or your belly

or your thighs.

For what’s the use
of a rose
if all you do is
put it in a vase and look at it?”

Words failing her,
all she could do was moan
in response.


The photo above is from page 88 of The Practical Book of Outdoor Rose Growing for the Home Garden — published in 1915, so it is now in the public domain. Click on the image, which is courtesy of the Internet Archive Book Images, to jump to its Flickr page.


Prompt Poems: Invigorates and Arouse

Winter’s chill
icy blasts —
more focused
is the ice cube
he touches
on her
slides down
to her


That sigh
oh yes
that sigh
she gives
that’s mixed
with a moan
tells him
his wish
to arouse her
has been
granted again.


Prompt Poems: These Chains and Climb Into Me

At first
he thought
these chains
were going to
weigh him down,
but marriage
brought him
heights of


She whispered
climb into me
into my heart
meld there
with my love
fill me with
your arousal
as rapture
within us.